Seniors take the lead


Ludlow seniors sport 70s attire for Spirit Week.

Ben Taylor & Morgan Martins, Sports Editor & Staff writer

As of this Tuesday, the seniors are ahead of the other classes with a 55% class participation for the Fall Fest Spirit Week.

Tuesday’s theme was 70’s day. Following the seniors were the juniors with 49% class participation. Then came freshman with a 29.2% in class participation trailed by the sophomores with a class participation of 28.6%.

“After three years of losing, I think my class is finally ready to step up,” says senior Shayla Costa “I believe that we will win.

On Monday, the theme for spirit week was sports day, in which students wore their favorite sports jerseys. The seniors took the lead with 62% as a class participation, then the juniors with 58%, then the sophomores with a 48%, followed by the freshman with a class participation of 37%.

Juniors are in the lead for Teens for Jeans with 10 jeans and all the other classes have zero jeans.

“It’s upsetting that no one in my grade has school spirit,” said Sophomore Sarah Stephenson

Tomorrow’s event is class color day. Freshmen are blue, sophomores are purple, juniors are green, and seniors are red.