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Sophomore class ahead of seniors in Spirit Week competition

Both seniors and sophomores are putting up a good fight to win this year’s battle of the classes. As it stands right now, the sophomores are beating the seniors by three points. The junior class is in third place followed by the purple-clad freshmen.

“If we win Deck the Halls we can take this whole thing,” said senior Brandon Nowakowski, referring to the blue “social media” theme created by his class.

Most agree that the freshmen and juniors really need to step up their game if they even want a chance of beating the sophomores or the seniors.

The class of 2014 has only lost two spirit weeks since they came in as freshmen. They were defeated during the winter spirit weeks of their sophomore and junior years; however, they plan to leave LHS as the winners of Battle of the Classes their senior year.

“Our sophomore and junior years we lost the winter spirit week to the seniors,” says senior Chloe Forrant, “But we won our freshman year and are determined to win our senior year too.”

Like Nowakowski said, the Deck the Halls competition could make the difference for this year. The winning hall earns four points.

“If we win Deck the Halls it could put the senior class on top,” says senior class advisor Charles Cangemi. “It would motivated the seniors to go all out on Friday and wrap this up. I must say, however, this sophomore class puts up a good fight. In many ways they are like the Class of 2014.”

The classes are also stuffing mass quantities of money in each other’s jugs in order for them to lost points.

Both the senior and sophomore class use social media like Twitter and Facebook to remind everyone what item of clothing should be worn.

During fall spirit week, sophomore Evan Jurkowski tweeted, “Yeah, if the seniors could just not wear tie dye tomorrow, that’d be great.”

Members of the class of 2016 say there are in it to win it. “This is the most I’ve ever been into Spirit Week.” says sophomore Ava Parent.

This year much has changed for the sophomores, they have made a huge improvement from their freshmen year when they scored a total of 28 points and had limited participation in Spirit Weeks. Unlike the Class of 2014, freshmen classes usually don’t do well.

The sophomores were able to bring up their points to get them closer to the seniors when they won their powderpuff game against the freshmen with an outstanding score of 31-0 and the senior lost against the juniors 32-12.

“It makes me mad that they always win,” says sophomore, Matt Costa. “I really hope that we pull it together and finally get to beat the seniors, we need to beat them.”

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Felicia Robare, News Editor and Print Editor
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