LHS band hosts Halloween Band Bash

Ben Taylor, Staff Writer

The Ludlow High School band hosted a  Halloween band bash on Oct. 30 in the school’s auditorium where the musicians got to play tunes while donned in halloween costumes.

“I think it went really well. We’ve been trying out a lot of music for this Halloween band bash,”  said Kevin McAvoy, band director.

The principals of Veteran’s Park, Baird, and Ludlow High gave out the awards to the scariest, funniest, most original, and the best group costumes to band members.

The winners of the contest were Scott Volker for scariest (Jason from Friday The 13th), Emilia McDaneld most original (Comic book girl), and Jack Babiec for funniest (Character from Duck Dynasty). Group winners were Peter Skaza, Brandon Nowakowski, Liz Skaza, Andre Ferreira, and Nathan Hague (The Avengers).

“We had a little bit of problem blending the music together to sound better,” said McAvoy.  “We used recordings of us to help [identify] what we did wrong,” said McAvoy.

Half of the band is made up of freshmen who have played together since sixth grade.

Two other bands performed, one from the middle school and the other was the 5th grade band playing in their very first concert.

The next concert for the band is on December 18, at 7p.m. That will be the winter concert.