French students plan trip to Québec


Old Quebec City

Felicia Robare, Staff Writer

French teacher Tammy Cook will escort 40 level two and above French students to Quebec during April vacation.

Cook has gone on this trip for six years. “Quebec is a francophone location, which is beautiful, rich with history and is not very far away from us.”

The decision that Cook makes for where the students travel is not up to just her, she discusses the itinerary with Jumpstreet Tours, the company that helps her accommodate her students’ needs.

Students going on this trip will be staying at the Hotel Clarion and their schedules will be filled daily.

Students will be leaving Ludlow High School on Monday, April 21,  at 8:00 a.m. and arriving in Quebec around 4:30 p.m. On Tuesday, students will take a tour of Quebec City, explore Old Quebec, take a voyage through Canada’s history, and experience a day in the life of a soldier. On Wednesday students will be going to Old Quebec again to visit Aquarium de Québec, visit a campus, and go to a French-Canadian legend theatre workshop. On Thursday, students go to a French shopping center with an indoor amusement park as well as practicing their French.

“I think the trip will be a fun and entertaining experience to have with my class. It lets us explore a different country and speak their language, and it can be good practice for all of us,” says freshman Marisa Lombardi.

This was the first year Cook was required to get the trip approved by Principal Lisa Nemeth and the school committee. In the past, teachers who took students on trips during school vacations did not need approval.