New additions to the guidance department


Jocelyn Minie

The LHS Guidance Department has added some new additions and made some changes for the 2013-2014 school year.

The senior class lost  David Breglio due to a position cut and will now be counseled by previous Director of Guidance, Linda Duame.

“I love working with students and this position allows me to do it more closely,” says Duame.  Duame has the difficult task of getting to know the senior class in only a short period of time, but she has proven to be confident in accomplishing it.

“I have done it before at a previous position in Colorado,” she says. “You learn fast, work fast.”

Duame is very goal oriented, but at the top of her list is “helping the seniors have a wonderful year.”

Ludlow High also hired Robert Hokanson who has been added to the staff as a new student social worker. While their jobs differ, they are both extremely enthusiastic and ready to cater to students.

Hokanson will be spending most of his time in the SIP room, but will also have the opportunity to support general education students as well. “I really hope to be able to provide students and staff the support they need to have a successful year not only academically but personally.”

For seventeen years he worked as a clinical supervisor in an agency that provided intensive foster care to adolescents in need of a safe home.

“In my current position I am most excited about the opportunity to work directly with students and be a part of a school environment,” he says. “I have always wanted to work in a school and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience so far.”