Students need to take AP test for full course credit

Jessica Sevigne, Staff Writer

There has been some confusion lately as to whether or not students in advanced placement classes will receive the AP credits if they don’t take the AP exam. According to Lin Duame, director of guidance, the answer is no. Instead, they will receive honors credit, which is .5 lower.

“The final test of an AP class is what makes the class official. I believe that it is a wonderful experience for students hoping to go to college to see what it is like,” Duame said.

Students must pay $80 to take the exam. The test is a national exam created by the College Board. A score of 3, 4, or 5 on the exam is considered “passing” and many colleges will accept this for college credit and students will not need to take the class in college.

Some students and teachers, however, believe that the test should not be mandatory in order to receive AP credit on their high school report card.

“I think if the student does all the work and passes the class, then he or she should get AP credit. I would encourage students to take the test,, but it shouldn’t be required unless the school is willing to pay,” said Charlie Cangemi who teaches AP English Language and Composition.

AP student Jordan Leal shares this view and believes that students should not be penalized if they don’t end up that the test in the end.

“I did just as much work as any other AP student, so one test shouldn’t matter if I finish with honors [4 credits] or AP [5 credits],” said Leal, “I feel like I tried just as hard as any other student.”