New members were inducted into LHS’ NHS

New members were inducted into LHS NHS

NHS Vice-President Taylor Graffum lights a candle at the ceremony.

Stacia Papuga, Staff Writer

Forty-three juniors and seniors were inducted into the National Honors Society (NHS) on Feb. 25 in the Ludlow High Auditorium. The induction ceremony was hosted by the current NHS members and the advisers Jessica Brehaut and Teresa Poteat.

“This year’s induction went very well because we have a great group of students. We are lucky enough to have great current members and a very promising group of inductees,” says National Honor Society President Lindsey Paradis.

To be inducted into the NHS, students must have to have higher than a 3.33 grade point average [gpa], two extra curricular activities, two short term community services, one long term community service of 20 hours over two months, example of leadership, two teacher recommendations, grades higher than a D and no behavioral or disciplinary detentions.

Student inductee junior, Alyson Bruneault, talked about how honored she was getting accepted into NHS.

“It feels really rewarding because all my hard work in and outside of school has paid off. I have something to prove for all the little things I’ve accomplished in high school and even in younger years,” says Bruneault.

At the induction, Nancy Kurty made a welcome speech to start things off. There was a candlelight ceremony for the new members and members that were already inducted made speeches about the inductees. The students that were inducted signed the NHS book and got pins. At the end of the ceremony, refreshments were served in the cafeteria.

The juniors that were inducted are: Katherine Afonso, Nick Antos, Judy Arciszewski, Alyson Bruneault, Samantha Chmiel, James Constantino, Brian Cormier, Shannon Crowe, Mandi Dorval, Andre Ferreira, Tim Gavrilov, Beraa Ibas, Kaitlin Jordan, Abby Kinsey, Cameron Labelle, John Lenz, Sylwia Lipior, Alyssa Martins, Mika Matias, Ciara McCready, Marc Miller, Brandon Nowakowski, Gina Orlandi, Lauren Papianou, James Patterson, Marissa Ribeiro, Karina Silva, Peter Skaza, Brandon Watt, Paula Yelinek, and Jonathan Young.

The seniors that were inducted are: Everett Dec, Robin Decoteau, Morgan Doherty, Hannah Eberli, Jocelyn Forcier, Meghan Goggins, Elizabeth Kania, Jordan Leal, Drew Manuel, Carly Masse, Victoria Morris and Matthew Thompson.

The NHS was established in 1921 by the National Association of Secondary School Principals [NASSP]. The National Honors Society was an organization established to recognize high school students that go above and beyond during their junior and senior year. NHS also honors students who excel in some of the areas like scholarship, leadership, service, and character.