LHS students to show pride during “Spirit Week”

LHS students to show pride during Spirit Week

Lindsey Paradis, Editor-in-Chief

Ludlow High School’s Lions’ Pride Club will host the annual fall Pride Week Oct. 1 through Oct. 5.

Each day of the week students are encouraged to dress up according to the day’s theme and participate in the events that will be going on that day during all lunches. Students will be called down by grade each day in order to tally each class’ participants. The periods in which students will be called down will rotate each day.

Classes who have the most students participating in dress-up days and events will win points. The class with the most points at the end of the week will win Pride Week.

This years seniors hope to dominate Pride week.

“We’re going to kick butt and win. It’s what we do,” said senior Taylor Graffum.

The juniors also hope to reclaim their title of Pride Week winners. Junior advisor Charlie Cangemi says, “the juniors are going to destroy everybody just like they did in last year’s fall spirit week.”

Pride week will kick off with Heritage Pride on Monday. Students should dress up based on their heritage and cultural background. Music from different cultures will be played during lunch.

Students will “dress to impress” on Tuesday, which is called “Personal Pride” day. The best-dressed boy and girl from each grade will be picked by faculty members. The winners will face off against each other with the cafeteria staff picking the most dapper looking boy and girl of the bunch.

The “event” for Personal Pride day is that attendance and tardies from Sept. 25 to Oct. 2 will be counted for each grade. The class with the least absences and tardies will win the event.

Wednesday is Class Pride day when each class will be decked out in their class color. Freshmen will be sporting green, sophomores red, juniors blue, and seniors yellow. Battle of the Classes events will go on during the lunches.

The faculty are also encouraged to wear maroon and white and partake in their own faculty competition. During this competition they will match baby pictures of famous people from back in the day with pictures of them in their prime. The winner will receive Principal Lisa Nemeth’s parking spot for a day.

Community Pride is the focus of Thursday. On Thursday students are encouraged to wear sports team jerseys. The event that day is a food drive. Students must deliver all cans, each worth a point in the overall tally, to their advisors by 7:20 that morning. The freshmen will drop of cans in Joanne Santos Pontes’ room, sophomores in Holly Chacon’s, juniors in Keith Woodman’s, and seniors in Katie Marino’s.

Lions Pride advisor Jennifer Prior hopes people “bring in a lot of cans to help the survival center.”

Friday finishes of Pride Week with School Pride. LHS students should be decked out in maroon and white. During lunch the 50th anniversary of Ludlow High School’s completion will be celebrated with  paw print face painting.

The winning class of Pride Week will be called down during seventh period Friday to receive a prize.