Art Club painting McDonald’s mural

Alexandria Albano, Staff Writer

A few weeks ago, the Art Club at LHS was approached by the manager of the Center St. McDonald’s and asked if they would create a mural on their outside wall.
The Art Club accepted this request and has begun planning their design. The mural will include Ronald McDonald and the Ludlow lion with the famous phrase, “I’m lovin’ it.”
The mural will also feature silhouettes of athletes and graduates with McDonald’s products in their possession.
Although the Art Club and LHS will not be profiting from this mural, club advisor Eliza Lacroix says that, “just being able to showcase our art is an honor and a privilege in itself, especially since it is a public canvas given to us to showcase student talent.”
The question arose as to whether or not promoting McDonald’s products using the school mascot was ethical, but Lacroix assured as that that was not the case.
“We’re really not supporting McDonald’s,” Lacroix said, “we’re actually trying to make it more about us and showcasing students’ talents rather than it being about McDonald’s.”
As to the issue of the athletes with McDonald’s products in hand, Lacroix states that, “since we were asked to work with this local business it is important that we honor their requests to include their products and motto in our painting, especially since they are the ones who are providing us with space to work.”
McDonald’s will be the first fast food restaurant in town to showcase LHS’ student art work, but will they be the last? Lacroix hopes that in the future other businesses from around town would contact her and ask the Art Club to paint a mural for their business.
“It would be wonderful if other local businesses saw our commitment and pride for the community,” Lacroix says, “and…provided us with space and materials to work with to paint a mural for them.”
The Art Club will be working on the mural for the next month or so and would love to have more of LHS’ talented artists help create this work of art. Students with a love of painting that and would like to add their talent and hard work to this mural can go visit Lacroix down in the art wing.