New student-run book club starts at LHS


Lindsey Paradis, A & E Editor

Seniors Siearra Papuga and Eva Kernan, along with advisor Jamison Hedin, have started a new book club.

“Eva and I just love reading and we thought it would be fun to get a group together and read some books so we could talk about them,” said Papuga.

Hedin said she “wants to encourage student reading.” On top of that, Hedin describes the importance of reading as “the foundation of all our communication skills.”

The club had its first meeting Oct. 17 after school in the library. Ten people attended the first meeting. At this meeting they picked their first book, The Virgin Suicides.

The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides was first published in 1993. Since then, it has been turned into a movie. The book centers around a 1970  town in Crosse Pointe, Michigan, and the suicides of five sisters.

Papuga describes the people that should join are those who are  “into reading different kinds of books and genuinely like reading.”

Hedin is hoping they “can get a diverse group of students, not just those who go into the library every week and get ten books.” Besides that, she really hopes this club will have “staying power” and that more underclassmen will join.

The club meets on Mondays.