Tis the season for Elf

Morgan Martins, Staff Writer

Now that Thanksgiving is over, all I ever do is drink hot cocoa, eat an unhealthy amount of cookies, and watch Christmas movies. One of my favorite Christmas movies that I have watched plenty of times is Elf, starring Will Ferrell.

The movie Elf is about a little boy who accidentally gets transferred to the North Pole, and, despite being human, is raised as an elf. Since the boy, named Buddy, is a real person he is considered an outcast in the North Pole as he works for Santa.

After realizing he is a human, he makes it his mission to find his birth father, named Walter, in New York. When he does find him the father is in disbelief, but a DNA test proves that Buddy is indeed the son of Walter who tries to start a relationship. This relationship goes awry at first.

But as Buddy makes his way through New York, spends for time with his fathers family,and even has a love interest in the “elf” working at the mall, the idea of him becoming a normal person does not seem impossible after all. But of course there is conflict along the way, including not enough people believing in Santa, which could lead to no presents for kids all around the world.
This movie is perfect for every occasion, whether you want to watch it with friends, family or a significant other. I honestly have never gotten sick of this movie no matter how many times I have watched it. So if you’re looking for an enjoyable movie, I highly recommend watching Elf this Christmas season.