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Change in the School: Library Hours and People


DLT passes, Chromebook help, class research, and book recommendations all have one thing in common, the Ludlow High School library. Through the hours of the school day, students can be found in the library talking with friends, doing homework, or reading. Students can also get the help they need with their troublesome Chromebooks, printing out homework, or help with a research project for a class. 

Students have also over their time at Ludlow High School grown to know and love Mrs. Hedin, the librarian, who helps and greets them with a smile as often as she can. Though her time at Ludlow High School has been cut down, as she now has to switch between Baird Middle School and Ludlow High School. She helps in both their library and our very own Joseph & Anna C. Dias Family Foundation Library. Many students have also noticed the change in schedule from previous years, and the new librarian that helps Mrs. Hedin.

What Are the Changes in the Library?

Students at Ludlow High may have noticed a new lady who greets them as they enter the library and check in for their DLT. This amazing and helpful new librarian is Mrs. Targonski. She switches off with Mrs. Hedin during the week between Baird and Ludlow High. There is also no longer a constant access to chromebook aid. When the library is closed, it also cuts off the students’ access to print papers, take out books, and get computer help from Mrs. Hedin.

Who is Mrs. Targonski?

Mrs. Targonski has worked at Ludlow High School for 20 years as a paraprofessional, the 9/10 house secretary for 8 years and now the library paraprofessional. She continues to maintain the standards of the library set by Mrs. Hedin. She checks in and out books, manages the students who visit everyday for DLT, and helps with any little projects where she can lend a helping hand. She enjoys helping out at both schools and helping the students who come to the library at the high school or the middle school. She delights in the ability to work with both the students and staff. She says that “working in the library is a pleasant experience,” which shows just how much she likes her new position in the library. 

How Does This Change Affect Mrs. Hedin?

Mrs. Hedin is known to the students as the friendly face in the library, and has been for the past few years. She now goes back and forth between the high school and the middle school. She admitted that her “stress level is pretty high” due to the increased work that is expected to be done. She feels as though she is not doing a good job in either location. With this change in schedule and system, she has more work to do with less time to do it, and even with the extra help from Mrs. Targonski, it can be overwhelming. Mrs Hedin said that “it’s a lot” for her, and she struggles to keep up with the work from both schools. She feels as though she will be able to help teachers and students less and may not be able to keep up with chromebook service for long. With limited time to do things, Mrs. Hedin may be a bit behind during parts of the school year but will still be happy to help students.

What is the New Schedule in the Library?

The library will be open like previous years from 7:20 am to 2 pm. Mrs. Hedin will be at Baird Mondays and Tuesdays, and at LHS on Thursdays and Fridays.  Mrs. Targonski will be at the high school on Mondays and Tuesdays, and at Baird on Thursdays and Fridays.They will both be switching out on Wednesdays, depending on the needs of schools. This system may not be exact every week, but should hopefully remain consistent. DLT passes may not be consistent in when you can get them, but they should hopefully allow for students and teachers to get what they need from the library during the week.

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