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Budget Cuts at Ludlow High


Peeling paint, missing bathroom stall doors, and damaged lockers; when you think of these, what do you see? Abandoned buildings? Certainly not the place that raises and guides the next generation. At Ludlow High, this is a reality. And the different department heads each had something to say about it.

The Science Department

Mrs. Sands, the Head of the Science Department, filled me in on the current issues that the budget cuts have caused, such as, having to purchase her own paper, dry erase markers, whiteboard erasers, staples, etc. These items are essential for a functioning classroom environment. The department has also lost teachers (both left on their own volition), which increased the size of the science classes. 

The History Department

The History Department, like many others, have lost town wide funding. Mrs. Anderson, the head of the aforementioned department, states that “the state of Massachusetts, while better than a lot of other states in funding their education, still has been unable to adequately fund the needs of children and families across the Commonwealth.” Mrs. Anderson also brought forward that “we have outdated supplies, and hands-on activities like field trips have gotten much harder due to cost.” Seeing this, we must think as students, how has the school system fallen so far that we can’t even have the modern equipment needed for an adequate education?

The Art Department

The Art Department at Ludlow High School is not much different from the rest. These classes allow students to express themselves in their own individual way. However, the department, according to Mrs. Newland, is lacking in supplies, which means that the teachers have to pick up the slack and buy their own. The supply issue is not helped by the fact that many of these supplies get stolen or destroyed by ignorant individuals.

The Language Department
The Language Department, led by Mrs. Santos-Pontes, is facing similar issues as other departments. This is a major issue, as the general knowledge of other languages can significantly help students in their future careers. The department has lost teachers in the middle school, which inhibits many students from gaining these excellent skills.

Why? What Can We Do?

A possible reason for why this school and many others have lost funding could be related to enrollment. The enrollment at LHS has seen a dip from previous years, which displays people’s concerns with our systems. If we want to bring LHS to its peak, then we must build a focus on education in the town, and raise concerns in School Committee Meetings, and Town and State Board Meetings. In a unified effort, we can save Ludlow High School.

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About the Contributor
Liam Richter
Liam Richter, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Liam Richter is a part of the Class of 2026 at LHS, and is an Editor-in-Training of the Ludlow Cub. He enjoys extra-curricular activities, such as the Table Top Games Club. Outside of school, his hobbies consist of the Boy Scouts of America, camping, and playing video games with his friends. When he isn’t relaxing, he can be found at his desk doing homework, playing games, or chatting with his friends. This is his first year on the Ludlow Cub, and he hopes to have a successful career in writing and desires to improve his confidence in writing.

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  • D

    Diane Kozaczka SaloioNov 6, 2023 at 12:53 pm

    So sorry to read the state of the school. I was in the first class to go through all4 years at the newly built high school. Students from everywhere were trying to get into Ludlow High. We need to do everything we can to bring back the school to its best potential