What can you do to stop bullying?


Felicia Robare, Staff Writer

Have you ever seen a form of bullying, or have you ever laughed at that girl that fell down the stairs, and you never said anything about it? It’s time to stand up to the bully.

There are many ways be can stand up and stop bullies, but it just takes some effort.

Stand up to the bully, confront them, tell them to stop, don’t try to get even with them because then you too are becoming a bully.

You can also tell an adult that you trust, such as your parents, teacher, or the principal. Someone will do something to help you and make sure that you feel safe and protected wherever you go.

It’s better to stand up to the bully, it can help them stop bothering you and anyone else that they bully. Make the bully realize that they are upsetting you and hurting your feelings.

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