Ali & Nate: a pair that has stayed strong

Jill Batista, Staff Writer

People say young relationships never last. However, senior Ali Leecock and Nate Dias prove that wrong. Ali and Nate began dating in 8th grade, and have been going strong ever since.

It all began when Nate invited her over his house with the intentions of asking Ali to be his girlfriend. Nate built up the courage all day in search of the perfect way to ask out Ali, but his nerves got the best of him. As 8:00 p.m. approached, Nate let Ali slip through his fingers as she went home without being asked the question Nate had been long anticipating. Nate went up to his room and feared that he would lose Ali if he did not make her his girlfriend. They were only 13 remember. So finally he sent her a simple yet heart jerking text, asking her out. Of course Ali said yes, Nate was thrilled, although it was not the way he dreamed in his mind, it was still perfect to him, and to Ali.

Since that day the two have been inseparable. Even though these two live very busy lives, with advanced courses, sports and clubs after school everyday, they still manage to find time to hangout. While on Sundays they cherish precious time together working at Nate’s families Pizza shop in Chicopee.

When these two busy bodies finally have time to sit back and relax the first thing on their mind is to watch basketball, baseball and of course hockey. All though they share the mutual love for the Bruins, their views on other sports are very different. Ali cheers on the Celtics and Red Sox while Nate supports the Lakers and Yankees.

“We like opposite sports teams but we still like each other” says Leecock.

“She’s as sweet as my grandmas cookies, her eyes are like the stars, bright and shinning” says Dias.

As Valentines day approaching the idea of the couple having mutual differences and similarities is not far off.

“My idea of the perfect Valentines day would be to go away just the two of us somewhere, maybe like Boston or New York, and partake in activities that we do not do on a normal Thursday,” said Leecock. “I think we should make the most of the day.”

While Nate believes the perfect Valentines day to him would be, “ordering a pizza and some wings and watching a high thriller action movie,”

The couple met somewhat in the middle as they decided on a plan to go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Following at one of the couple’s houses where they will prepare a yummy dessert, watch sappy movies, and exchange gifts.

The couple’s “romantic” date doesn’t only come once a year as March 7th 2009, is also a “loving” holiday in the couples eyes as it is the day that they started dating. This year will mark the couple’s fourth anniversary.

“We’re very excited to spend our four years together. He’s my best friend and I couldn’t have imagined these four years without him,” says Leecock.