Hot costumes to wear

Mackenzie Johnson, Staff Writer

Haven’t got your Halloween costume yet? Well, here are some creative and inexpensive costume ideas for this upcoming “trick-or-treat.”

If you’re the kind of person who likes to get laughs out of your Halloween costumes, these ideas will be perfect for you. A few funny costumes you can wear would include a banana, a baby, a whoopie cushion, a giant bottle of ketchup, or even a slice of bacon. Finding these can be easy, too. There are many Spirit Halloween stores around here, so you can get your costume there or simply order one online at Everyone will really get a kick out of you as you yell out “Trick-or-treat!” in your funny costume.

“It’s good to wear a funny costume because it gives people something to laugh about instead of being scared all the time,” said sophomore Emily McGourty.

If you are the crafty type, you may want to think of an original costume you can make that will stand out from the crowd. To create a book costume, all you have to do is get a cardboard box, cut some holes for your head, arms and legs, and paint it to match your favorite book. IPhones only take a few minutes to make, also. Starting with a box, you can, like with the book, cut out holes for your arms, legs and head. Paint it black and get some large printouts of apps. People will certainly never forget you and your original costume.

Freshman Hannah Smith believes, “If you create your own costume, it allows you to have originality and express yourself.”

Want to give people a frightening shriek this Halloween? Then, a scary costume is the best way to go. You could dress as a bloody prom date, a head on a platter, or a gory headless horseman. With a few ounces of face paint, and an old suit or dress,  you can also make yourself look like a ventriloquist dummy or an antique doll. It will be worth it when you hear and see people’s reactions to your creepy costume.

As creative as some costumes are, you may just want to stick with the classics this year. The witch costume and the vampire costume are normally the costumes that come to mind when you think of Halloween. You can buy a green, moley nose and a matted, grey hair wig to make yourself a witch. Grab a cheap, black tablecloth, plastic teeth and fake blood to become a vampire. For only a few dollars, you can buy these things at Walgreen’s or CVS. Who says traditional isn’t the best way to go?

“Where am I going to wear my costume?” you may ask yourself. Ask your friends to go with you to some party-hotspots or go trick-or-treating around your neighborhood with them to show off your awesome costumes this Halloween.