A World in Revolt: A Series

The Flags (clockwise top left) of Tunisia, Iraq, Egypt, and Libya

The Flags (clockwise top left) of Tunisia, Iraq, Egypt, and Libya

Andrew Lavigne, Photo Editor

 The news is filled with the sights of streets packed full of protestors chanting in their rhymatic native tongues, their voices lifted in a struggle for freedom and liberation from the oppression that they have been subjected to. Protestors with locked arms facing the lines of riot police, fires, tear gas canisters bouncing and exploding scattering crowds. These scenes are all to familiar with those of us who have been even just a little alert to the international news in the past few months.

Revolution has arrived.

The list is growing; Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan; the angered fists of the masses are raised while the regimes that have been cemented in place desperately try to cling onto their thrones and power. But what are the reasons behind these revolutions, what are the stories?

The tides are turning, the old world crumbling. The Western World is feeling the impact; rising oil prices, degradation of trust from the revolutionary movement, and loss of control over the resources in the various regions increase the pressure now being felt across the industrialized world. Both the future of the West and the future of these countries are all on the line as the world watches in wonder at the examples, scenes, and ideologies of the countries that are enveloped in conflict.

From beautiful banners to dark scenes of masked gun wielders, to the sights and sound of a people now unified together in a movement to topple the cruelty of the authoritarian.

I ask you to join me as we examine the countries, factors, current news and speculation for the upcoming days as we welcome in an era of revolt and protest and what this means for us all.