Movies to watch during holiday break


Vanessa Medina, Guest Writer

As we enjoy our Christmas break , it gives us much needed time to relax, so I chose my top four movies for when you’re bored with nothing to do this vacation. So grab some cocoa and a blanket too and procrastinate with these fun flicks.

For the Drama/Thriller Lover:

The Day After Tomorrow –  Look on the bright side, things could always be worse.This movie proves it. A determined father tries to reach his son as the world goes through an modern day ice age. Talk about a blizzard!

For the Fantasy Fanatic:

Edward Scissorhands –  This movie begins and ends with snow, tying together love, drama, and that bizarre touch that is essential to every Tim Burton movie. An inventor creates a boy with scissors for hands and when he is released into society he falls in love. Ironically things get out of hand.

For the Marathon Maniac:

Harry Potter – For those of you who love marathons, Harry Potter is perfect. About a boy destined for greatness as a wizard, eight movies, one story. Who doesn’t love the adventures and antics along the way. Plus, everyone loves a Hogwarts christmas, and the Yule Ball of course.

For the Cheerful Christmas Fan:

Elf – This movie combines two of the best things Christmas and Will Ferrell. What could be better? This story of a human raised by elves, who searched for his human family in NYC warms the heart and brings many laughs along with it. A modern day classic that is fa la la la lots of fun.

So enjoy, and keep your fingers crossed for many snow days to come!