What To Watch On Netflix This Weekend… Canadian Time Traveling


Ashley Haryasz, Staff Writer

Tv Series

Based in the 21st century, time travellers from hundreds of years in advance take over dead people’s bodies and try to fix what is going to happen in the future.

Created by a Canadian network, “Travelers” is a mysterious sci-fi show that keeps the audience’s attention the entire time. This show follows an undercover team of consciences sent by “The Director” who take over the bodies of a high school quarterback, college age drug addict, mentally challenged woman, young mother, and an FBI agent. They attempt to make changes strong enough to have an impact on the timeline of the future while still living the lives of their host bodies.

This show is great to watch during spooky season when you want to be spooked in a different way. It is a different type of science fiction, the kind without aliens and zombies. With each episode, the plot builds and leaves you hanging at the end of each episode. It makes you think about how all of your actions affect what is going to happen in the future. I watched the first two seasons on Netflix in about 3 weeks during the school year, despite each episode being about 43 minutes long because it was that good.