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Seniors put on a good show

Overall, the Class of 2013 senior show was packed with funny skits, boys in drag, and good dancing. Not all the skits were great, but for the most part the class put on a great show.

The best skit, by far was the “Zumba” skit, featuring Jeremy Lamontagne and Matt Thompson, who instructed the class using high-pitched, effeminate voices. But this wasn’t an ordinary zumba class because they weren’t actually doing zumba, and the guys were crump dancing. Also, they kicked out people who were in the class because they weren’t doing what they were supposed to do.

Another one that I really liked was “Catfish,” starring Matt Thompson, who met a girl online and he wanted to finally met her in person. The girl he met was a blond, short girl who was really pretty. When the girl came out, the audience was shocked to discover that it really wasn’t a girl, it was actually senior Jordan Smith. Surprisingly, Thompson reacted with “She’s Gorgeous!”

Toddlers and Tiaras featured Sierra Marcus and Taylor Graffum who were the judges and Jessica Pashko who was the spokesperson of the show. The auditions started off with the first contestant, Matt Thompson, who didn’t want to be there. The next contestant, Sarah Ferreira sported a mustache and fake muscles that looked like she was on steroids. The final contestant was Jeremy Lamontagne, who wore a cheerleading outfit and was really preppy.

Another audience favorite was R.T.P News Featuring, which was mostly about how Portuguese people live. They acted out topics like the Workout With the Marias, Dating With My Avo, Saturday Chores, and Chorizo Mix.

On the other hand, there were a couple of skits that weren’t very good. For example, I didn’t understand what was going on in the “LHS Blackmarket.” It would have been funnier if it was explained better.

The next skit that I didn’t really like was “Sweet Caroline.” It featured Jake LaPierre sitting at a desk trying to come up with a song title. Then people dressed in M&M costumes came on stage singing Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.” Then it ended. The audience didn’t get it.

For the “girls number,” they did a dance to the mashup of “I Will Survive” and “Survivor.” Some girls looked like they weren’t having fun because they weren’t smiling and some girls didn’t even know what the dance moves were. While others girls showed that they were actually having fun and getting into the dance by putting all this energy into the movements. It would have better if some of the other girls put more effort and personality into it.

The boys danced to the mashup of “Now That We’re Men” and “Call Me Maybe.” It was a really funny choice of songs because you wouldn’t think that guys would dance to “Call Me Maybe.” Also, when the guys transitioned into “Call Me Maybe,” they took off their shirts and they were wearing bikini tops. At the end of their number the boys danced to the “Harlem Shake.”

The 2013 senior show started the opening number with the song “The Final Countdown” and closed the show with the song “Hall of Fame.”

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