New Pokemon game exceeds expectations

New Pokemon game exceeds expectations

Faith Bolieau, Staff Writer

Pokemon White 2, a new game in the series for Nintendo DS, was released in October.I was at first very excited for the new role-playing game because I expected better graphics, new adventures, new towns, new people and an exciting new storyline.

When I had finally gotten home and slipped the game card into my handheld system, While I was prepared for a completely new experience,I had expected the same three “starter” Pokemon from the previous “Pokemon White/Black.” Every player can choose one of three Pokemon.

As the game started, I found myself in a new town off the West coast of the region. This had me pumped, because despite my expectations, I had heard from some people that the game was the same as the last.

The first battle with the “gym leader” was a breeze, but the second gym featured a young rockstar with “poison-type” Pokemon. It was a bit difficult because it was still the beginning of the game, so there’s no advantage built up against “poison-type.” As soon as I was done with that, I took the young rockstar’s fathers ship to the familiar Castelia City.

This is where the game takes off. You pass the simple stuff, the fast stuff, and then it’s onto the real bad guys in Castelia City.

I am enjoying the game so far. Half of the old team plasma that were on N’s side (the Pokemon prince as he’s called) are the good guys. They end up raising the Pokemon whose owners they couldn’t find.
However, the other half that followed Ghetis (one of the seven bad Pokemon sages) are still stealing Pokemon.

This game is fun and very addicting. Some of the things you do in the game are a bit of a replay, but when you push through those replays, you find a whole new Pokemon experience.

I suggest this game to patient people, and Pokemon fanatics. And one feature I really love is a new place you could find Pokemon. When you walk by some trees, you can hear a Pokemon breathe. If you walk toward the trees where u hear it from and press the A button, you’ll find yourself in a small secret area, and possibly a rare Pokemon.  I’m only in the beginning of the game, with only four badges, so I have to go “catch ’em all” and become the Pokemon master.