Go Ask Alice

Go Ask Alice

Sara Moreau, Staff Writer

Knowing this book was published in 1971 and wrote in the 1960’s gave me a weird feeling knowing my Mom has read it. When I first took out the book, my Mom said I would like it. I was still unsure as I flipped through the chapters reading this diary, but soon enough, I started to see the story at a different perspective and had many shocking discoveries along the way.

With drugs, sex, and a hard teenage life, this isn’t one of those typical “Teen” novels. Alice struggled on a day to day basis being a true drug addict. Throughout the story she meets a handful of people, some are good, most are bad, leading her to become a person she never thought she would become.

Alice is a fifteen year old girl that writes all her worries and thoughts in her diary. She writes her anxieties and thoughts, such as what her crush Roger thinks of her, how she’s always uncomfortable at school, and how she can’t relate to her parents very well.

The story started out pretty innocent until she was slipped an LSD drug at a party and started to like it and want more. She would do anything to get high again. Alice started to hang around the wrong crowds at school, and was soon kicked out of school for selling drugs and being on drugs. Her parents were disappointed and kicked her out of the house.

She ran away from her town to San Francisco where she begins a new life. She starts sleeping with guys and doing other random things to get money for her drugs. She ends up writing her diary entries on paper bags, napkins, scrap paper, and anything else she can think of writing on.

When school begins, Alice writes that she doesn’t need a diary anymore. Alice’s life turned around for her in the end but then there ended up being a sudden twist.