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Drama Clubs’ A Midsummer Night’s Dream dazzles LHS audience

Drama Clubs A Midsummer Nights Dream dazzles LHS audience

The LHS Drama Club held its first play of the year with their rendition of  William Shakespeare’s A Mid Summer Nights Dream. The actors performed Nov. 17 and Nov. 18 at 7 p.m, with an encore show Nov. 19 at 3 p.m.

The play is Shakespeare’s tale of Athenians who are stuck in a love triangle.

The main Athenians were made up of senior Haley Carroll, junior Corey Costa, junior Kyle Kozaczka, and junior Katrina Digloria. Carroll played Helena who was madly and wildly in love with Costa’s character Demetrius. To her disappointment he was in love with DiGloria’s character of Hermia who was in love with and was loved by Kozaczka’s character of Lysander.

The problem is Hermia’s father doesn’t approve of Lysander and orders her to marry Demetrius, and in Athens if a daughter doesn’t obey a father’s orders she will be put to death or be sent to a nunnery. So to stay together Hermia and Lysander head out into the woods and they are swiftly followed by Demetrius and Helena.

What they don’t know is that the wood contains the magical Fairy Court.

The Fairy Court consisted of 20 actors and actresses and those with main roles shined. Junior Tessa Grassette played Titania, decked out in pink and flowers she played her part as Queen of the Fairies convincingly. Senior Phil Aniceto played Oberon, the King of the Wood Nymphs, being diabolical and sneaky while still having a soft spot for love. Caitlin Duffy played a witty Puck as she followed Oberon’s orders, slightly screwing up along the way.

The fairies and wood nymphs even put on two dance  numbers of “Teenage Dream” and “Bad Romance.” These numbers even though not part of Shakespeare’s original play were relevant to the content and well executed by the actors and actresses.

In the woods the Athenians and the Fairies indirectly cross path and magic causes chaos and commotion. Part of this commotion was a fight scene between the Athenians.

The actors were particularly devoted to their fight scene. The actors dragged each other, pulled at each other, tackled each other, and even jumped off the stage and over railings. The scene provided a comic interlude in which the audience didn’t need to understand Shakespearean language; they just needed to understand the comedy in other’s injuries.

Even though all actors shined senior Kathryn Vaz was the standout star of the night. Vaz played Nick Bottom, an actor who was about to perform a play later that night for Duke of Athens’ wedding. Vaz was decked out in a fake beard and clothes that only a hobo could be recognized by. Throughout the play he was outlandish, turned into a donkey, and puts on a play all while being incredibly full of himself and over the top.

All in all the play was comedic, well performed, and well executed by not only the actors but the crew. It is safe to say that LHS’ Drama Club is on top of its game and is ready to entertain.

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