Bachata La Musica y Baile de los Enamorados

Bachata La Musica y Baile de los Enamorados

The latin dance Bachata is becoming more popular among Ludlow students.

Alexia Reyes, Contributing Writer

The latin dance Bachata is becoming more popular in America among Latinos, and some Ludlow High School students are getting involved.

The literal meaning of Bachata is “musica de amargue” (music of bitterness), which is kind of ironic since it is a romantic type of dance. Bachata originated in the Dominican Republic in the 1960s. It started off in bars and brothels and was therefore considered low-class. As the dictator of the Dominican Republic from 1930 until his assassination in 1961, Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina made the “official” music and dance of his country Merengue.

Even though many were scared of Trujillo, since he was a considered a heartless man by many, small house parties would still have Bachata as their main entertainment. It wasn’t even called Bachata until Trujillo was murdered, making Bachata more popular. After his assassination, more parties were held and Bachata spread all over the Dominican Republic.

Part of Hispanic culture is to raise the children with the knowledge of what makes them Latin. Many are taught at a young age how to dance Bachata, Merengue, and salsa with passion.

“My mom and aunts taught me and my sister when I was younger. They would randomly turn on the music and start dancing in the living room,” says junior Kayla Moreno, who is Mexican.

This is a way for all the different types of Hispanic people to come together and connect in doing what they love. The dance itself is usually very romantic and sensual. Bachata is a simple dance if you know how to move your hips.

“If you’re not coordinated you will have a hard time shaking your hips and holding the girl and having rhythm,” says senior Jose Teo, who is Guatemalan.

The steps are simple and basic, though many people usually “spice it up” as they like. The basic steps are: step, together, step, hip, and then repeat toward the opposite side. Many people dance Bachata body to body which is what makes it very sensual.

“[What I like about it is] dancing close with the girl” says Teo, who describes the dance as alive, sexy, and passionate.

Bachata was originally played with the Spanish guitar, but as time passed, more instruments were added to make it sound like it does now. Although the dance is very romantic, the lyrics are usually about heart breaks, which is why Bachata means music of bitterness. It also talks about difficult lives or situations that can relate to the listeners since Bachata was considered “low class.”