Taylor Colburg Runs For Treasurer


Madelyn Ogorzalek, Feature Editor

One of the freshmen running for Treasurer is Taylor Colburg. Despite not previously being in student council, Taylor is looking to introduce a new voice to the class of 2025. 

Taylor likes how LHS is running now, but she has a few ideas on how to improve the freshmen community. Her most prominent idea: the introduction of more fundraisers. 

As many students know, fundraising is the best way to lower the cost of class trips. Because of the cost of field trips in high school, many students are unable to attend for financial reasons. To Taylor, the best solution to this problem is more fundraising to lower the cost of class trips. This is a problem Taylor recognizes and wants to solve, if she’s elected.

As for why she’s running for treasurer, Taylor has her grades to thank. She’s an excellent student in math, with her 97 average. Her claim to these grades are her fantastic organizational skills, something she wants to bring forward to the student council next year. More importantly, Taylor has exceptional money management skills. 

Taylor herself puts it best, if you “vote for Taylor Colberg for your sophomore year class treasurer and I’ll make your sophomore year a well budgeted one.”