Meet the Candidates: Madison Tereso


Michael Pedro, Sports Editor

In the Class of 2025, one candidate running for Secretary is none other than Madison Tereso.  Currently a class representative, Madison believes now is the time for her to take the next step.   Between boosting class productivity, and keeping meetings organized,  Madison has “seen and experienced what the secretary does” and knows she “will be a great fit”.  

When asked about what she wanted to change, she replied that she wants to make school a “better community where all people feel welcomed and not judged.”  She aims to make “everyone feel included and that they have a say,” which is essential to her dream of improving the school community.  Madison wants to ask those outside of the student council their opinions, in order to diversify the ideas the officers have. 

At the moment, the freshmen are planning a class trip to Mystic Aquarium and a fundraiser at Midwoods. Madison says that the class is “going to use the fundraiser to help pay for the field trip.” As a class representative, Madison played a huge part in planning this field trip  and fundraiser. She also played a critical role in deciding the theme for the luau tent at the homecoming football game. Even though she’s only a representative, she’s making waves in her grade. 

Madison says,  “While only being a representative, I made a great impact. So, imagine what I can do as an officer.” If Madison wins, it seems like the class will have a productive and great year.