Stand Up and Show Some Respect


Hayley Procon, Staff Writer

A few weeks ago the Amherst girls varsity volleyball team decided to take a knee during the national anthem. All but one girl decided not to stand after the Colin Kaepernick incident.

The whole Kaepernick ordeal is encouraging young people to kneel for the national anthem to draw attention to the inequality that they perceive exists in this country. If Kaepernick had never protested then young kids would stop thinking they’re “cool” by taking a knee.

The point of the national anthem is to show respect for our country and the ones who have fallen for it. If you’re not standing then you’re disrespecting your country.

Sure, racism does exist, inequality does exist; however, kneeling during the anthem will not change any of that. If these protesters really wanted to change the way things are in this country, then they should do something meaningful. Taking a knee during a song is a symbolic act that will have no consequences.

For over 80 years the people of America have been singing the national anthem. Whether it be at Red Sox games or high school football games, it is a known tradition. The history of performing the national anthem goes back to the first world war.  It is a symbol of the battles we had to overcome to finally become a free country.

When the girls did not stand for the national anthem it showed a sign of disrespect. If the girls volleyball team really wanted to make a difference in our country then they would actually do something with meaning. Kneeling for the national anthem shows no ambition to change anything, it just shows an action that doesn’t do anything but make people angry.

The parents of the girls agreed that they don’t mind the girls kneeling as long as they are respectful.

How can kneeling for the national anthem be a sign of respect at all? Being respectful would be standing regardless of what you believe in because that’s the right thing to do. No matter how many people take a knee, the anthem isn’t going to change.