Senior field trip to Palisades Mall


Casey Lanza-Lang, Staff Writer

The class of 2017 has finally made it: after 3 long years, they are seniors. To celebrate it, their president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, representatives, and advisors have officially announced what the senior field trip, taking place on Nov. 21, will be this year. The seniors will be going to the Palisades Climb, an adventure course inside the Palisades Mall.

To be sure they chose the best trip for everyone, the advisors had the senior class vote for what they wanted to do. There were three places to choose from: a scavenger hunt in Boston, a trip to the Bronx Zoo, and a trip to the Palisades Mall. The Palisades Climb inside the Palisades Mall won the vote by a landslide. Using a voting method as a way to choose the field trip pleased many seniors, especially Ashley Saccamando.

“That made it very fair and I thought it was a good idea,” says Saccamando.

The Palisades Mall, located in West Nyack, New York, close to the New Jersey border, is about 2-3 hours away. The idea of having to return to New York after the class of 2017’s sophomore year trip that consisted of over 6 hours spent on the bus before the group had arrived in New York City didn’t appeal to everyone. However, the seniors decided the long drive would be worth the chance to explore this course and the mall it calls home.

The mall itself has four levels, over 200 stores, 15 sit-down restaurants, a bowling alley, an ice rink, a comedy club, and the tallest indoor rope course in the world. With variety such as this, the seniors and their advisors alike agreed that this would be a place that would have something for everyone to enjoy.

At a cost of $45 per student, the goal was to make the trip affordable for everyone. Many seniors are working and it is believed that majority of the students who want to go will be financially able to go. Senior Hayley Procon is excited for the field trip but thinks the price is a bit high.

“I think it’s kind of expensive but it’s worth it for what we get,” says Procon.

Seniors who are interested can pick up the field trip form in Ms. Cook’s room, C102, if they have yet to. It is asked that everyone participating in the trip have the form and the payment passed in by Nov. 7. The payment can be made with either check or cash.

Thanks to Ms. Cook, Ms. Smith, and Ms. Marino, as well as the senior class officers, the seniors have a trip that they can truly be excited about because they had the chance to choose it.