Oh my Godding: Time to make some memories

Samantha Godding, Editor in Chief

Where does time go?

Honestly I have no idea. It feels like just the other day I was a freshman here at Ludlow High School. I still remember my first day of school, walking in with my best friend Ashley searching for my locker which some upperclassmen had his stuff in and without me even asking he took it right out and walked away.

It blows my mind that I am already a senior and in five short months I will be just another graduate to have completed four years here at Ludlow High School.

It’s a scary thought, because after about 458 days and 2,977 hours I have spent learning how to find the slope of a line, what biology’s definition really is, dissected a chicken wing, read Romeo and Juliet, heard all about the American Revolution at least three times, learned how to conjugate Spanish verbs and had the great opportunity to run the mile on the track; my time is almost done.

The best thing I can take from high school is not my education (even though a majority of my time has been spent learning) but the memories that I have made.

I will never forget my Spanish class freshman year, or how Tara and I decided at lunch that we would dip almost everything in cheese, or how Latanzio has me make an X on the softball field so I know where to stand, or the chemistry crew made up of me, Cam, Jess, Colleen,  and Thane who made a circle everyday in class and told each other everything; these are what I am going to take with me.

Memories are the best, because we will never forget them. Time really does fly by and even though time will always continue even when we stop, we have memories to fill in the cracks.

We can’t take the time we have at LHS for granted because trust me before you know it, it’ll be over.

So when there’s an opportunity to make a new memory, do it. Go to the championship soccer game and be a part of it when the boys win and everyone goes crazy and starts singing, “Na, na, na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye.” When there’s a spirit week, participate, wear something silly or be a part of your class and rock your color, when you see a sea of green you can’t help but smile. When it’s Lava Day you better be jumping from red to green to blue tiles avoiding that white lava or you are going to catch on fire and have to sit on the ground. Go to Homecoming and Prom and get your dance on. Because before you know it, it’s going to be all over, so every time there’s a chance take it.

All I can say is, enjoy the time you have here because you only have one experience to go through high school. You can only be young once and you only have one life to live so make some memories worth remembering.