Students celebrate Homecoming


Left to right: sophomores Lucas Gonsalves, Theryn Pelletier, Allison Kehoe, Natalie Miner, Khruanha Naiyanan, Quentin Kopek, and Elizabeth Richter

Michele Winslow, Staff Writer

Ludlow High School cheerleaders hosted the homecoming dance on Oct. 2 where over 100 students attended. It took place at the Ludlow Fish and Game under the pavilion. There was a spacious, well-lit place to the side where students took photos. Lights adorned the roof of the pavilion, making the scene even more magical. 

Junior Abby Goncalves-Korny, reported that ”Dancing was fun, the photo booth was cool, the lights were cool, and the songs were good.”

Students seemed impressed with how the pavilion was decorated: ”It was lit, the dance was lit, the songs were kind of  lit, and the place was lit,” said Junior Ayanna Acasio

The teens wore a wide variety of suits and dresses. Some of these came from Mrs. Annecchiarico’s dress shop, Second Times a Charm.

After being told that there was going to be a homecoming this year, she was overjoyed and opened up her shop for local students to come and find their perfect dresses. The place has grown so much since the beginning of its story. All the dresses that they have been donated, and all the work there is done by volunteers with no pay.

Attendees said that the shopping experience was great, with girls all trying on dresses and sharing compliments and ideas. 

“If you want to visit Walt Disney world in Ludlow or the Ludlow area, come to our dress shop because it’s happy,” said Annecchiarico. 

Some students, however, spent over $400 on a dress, but they said it was worth it because they had a great time. 

“It was awesome to be back in person and doing social, normal events where we could have human interaction like it was before Covid,” says freshman Ava Peczka, adding that the last time she went to a dance was sixth grade.

When students first got to the dance, they had to check in, but when they walked closer to the pavilion everyone could see all the happy students with music playing all talking, dancing, or eating something from the snack table that was provided. Throughout the night there were many songs where everyone was on the dance floor singing and/or dancing. 

Some of these popular songs were “Love Story” by Taylor Swift, “Cha Cha Slide” by DJ Casper, “Cotton Eye Joe” by Rednex, and “Super Bass” By Nicki Minaj. Of course, these are only a few of the big hits at the homecoming dance.  Most songs had a minimum of half of the students dancing and singing on the dance floor.  Overall the music was great along with the atmosphere.

At the snack table they had chips, candy bars, soda, and some water, each only at the price of a dollar. With these factors, the snack table almost always had a long line.

Attendees said they had some very nice teachers and staff helping manage the table who also had a smile on their face.

At the end of the night, everyone helped clean up all the trash and move the tables back to the original spots they were in. If you asked anyone I’m sure they would say that they had an amazing time at this loud, entertaining, and fun event. Make sure you are thanking the cheerleaders for their help in making this possible, along with the staff who were there to help make this all go smoothly.