Homecoming dance returns to LHS


Madelyn Ogorzalek, Feature Editor

For years, students at LHS have been searching for an event just like this one, an affordable and fun dance that students of all grades would be able to attend. Luckily for them, Ms. Adelei Bernard and the LHS cheerleaders are here to deliver.

On Saturday, Oct. 2  LHS is hosting a Homecoming at the Ludlow Fish and Games from 6 to 9 pm. The event will simultaneously be a social and a dance, where students can talk with their old friends, and meet new ones. Because of this, students will be attending with dates, in friend groups, and by themselves. The evening is a great chance for students to connect with those they may not have previously spoken to in a while, especially if they have friends in different grade levels that they may not ordinarily have the chance to see. 

Ludlow High School stopped planning homecoming dances a little over five years ago due to a lack of interest among students.

For $10, students can attend the dance, listen to music, and socialize. As there’s no strict dress code, students can dress anywhere from casual to formal and fit right in.

That’s right. According to Ms. Bernard juniors and seniors, there’s no need to go out and spend ridiculous amounts of money on dresses for just one night. And freshmen and sophomores will have their first chance to dress up in High School. 

As of now, there are 80 students signed up across all grades, and the goal for the evening is to have 100 in attendance. The event will be held regardless of whether or not this goal is met. However, meeting it would promote the idea that the student body would love to have another event next year, and for many more years to come! 

If you’re interested in joining in the school spirit, but aren’t exactly into the idea of dances, the Friday night football game is always a great option. As the dance was scheduled around the Ludlow games this week, this week is the week to attend one. 

If you’re interested in attending the Homecoming, make sure that you scan the QR codes around the building by September 30th to be able to take part!