From ¨Music for Little People” to American Idol


Thompson before her audition for Americ

Anna Belculfine, Editor-in-Chief

Before Jenna Thompson could even talk, she was already singing. Music plays a vast, important role in the 16-year-old’s life and has already lead to numerous opportunities.

When she was just two years old, she attended music classes called ¨Music for Little People.¨.It was all about rhythm, instruments, and keeping the beat. This furthered her love for music even more at such a young age. Thompson would make her mother put the CD from class on repeat and had marching parades around their house while they listened. She continued to attend these classes from age two to four.

¨I guess you could say music has been a fun and huge outlet for me even when I was only two years old,¨ she says.

¨My favorite thing about music is the creativity that comes into play,¨ says Thompson, a junior at Ludlow High School. ¨You can write your own music that portrays your own style, even when covering a song you can make it your own and put whatever twist on it that you’d like.¨

Thompson sings and plays four different kinds of instruments: guitar, piano, ukulele and the harmonica. When she was little, she would mess around on the piano which eventually lead to being self taught from songs by ear.  This means that she would listen to songs, and teach herself just by what she heard.

She prefers singing a lot of slow songs and occasionally uploads them onto her social media, such as Instagram. ¨Guitar is probably my favorite instrument to play,¨ she says. ¨I love the sound of it and all the different melodies you can create with it.¨

¨Ever since we became friends in third grade I learned about Jennas love for singing,¨ says one of her closest friends McKenna Ryczek. ¨I don’t think a day goes by where she’s not singing and playing her guitar.¨

Singers such as Ed Sheeran, Vance Joy, and Taylor Swift are her biggest inspirations. Not only does she love their style of music, but she believes their songwriting skills are amazing. They inspire her to keep writing songs of her own.

Along with inspiration, she has a huge support system which keeps her going. Her mother Michele Thompson is her biggest supporter because not only is she loving and encouraging, but she also gives her daughter feedback. Momma Thompson gives constructive criticism along with her honest opinion which is so important to Thompson as a singer.

¨My friends are all so awesome too because they give me such amazing compliments, especially on social media when I post a singing video,¨ she happily explains. ¨I couldn’t be more grateful for all my family and friends who surround me with nothing but support, love, and positivity.¨

Music has led Thompson to numerous opportunities that showcase the true talent she has. As a seventh and eighth grade student she had won first place in the middle school talent shows by singing covers. ¨That was probably one of most proudest moments with my music,¨ she adds.

Ever since she was five years old, she has watched American Idol with her family, and at that young age she dreamt of auditioning someday. On Sept. 8, Thompson went to Boston to chase her dreams and auditioned for the show.

¨When I heard that the show was being discontinued I was 14 and I was crushed,¨ she says. ¨However I heard that it was coming back this year and they were coming to Boston, it seemed too good to be true so I signed up right away.¨

Thompson, the hard working singer, waited for hours on the day of her audition before she was able to showcase her talent. There was nearly 500 others there with her auditioning on the big day. ¨I knew the chances of me going through were slim, but I was so excited to be there.¨

After hours of anxious waiting, it was finally her time to shine. She stepped up to the table of the producer she was assigned to and sang ¨I’ll Stand by You¨ by the Pretenders. Even though she didn’t go through, she explained how she did way better than she thought she would and was still happy.

What many do not realize is that there are three different rounds of auditions people have to go through. In order to audition for the celebrity judges or be on TV, the singer has to be put through those three rounds first. The first round, an open-call for all those interested in making it onto the show, is what Thompson attended. Anyone who met the requirements for the show can audition in front of producers for the show in their area.

¨I wasn’t even sad that I didn’t make it because the advice the producer had given me was amazing,¨ says Thompson with a smile on her face. ¨He told me that all I needed to work on is performing more so that I could overcome my nerves and if I came back next year he’s sure I’ll make it. ¨

She was ecstatic with the advice she was given because the producer hadn’t told anyone else what he had said to her. Thompson is glad she auditioned and does not regret one bit of it, describing it as one of the best experiences she’s had so far.

Following the producer’s advice, she recently performed at a local church to overcome those nerves. The response in return was described as amazing and there was ¨so much love.¨ She also plans to do open-mic performances to get more experience. Open mic is where anyone who want to sing can go up and do a few songs for fun. In addition, Thompson might also be singing in a restaurant in the upcoming months.

She has been a member of the school chorus since elementary school. In addition, the young singer has been in various school plays ever since elementary school. In Baird Middle Schools Cinderella play, Thompson was the lead role, Cinderella. After middle school she continued to be involved with the school and has been in chorus class here at LHS for three years.

Like any other singer or musician, Thompson would love to have a career in music in her future. She hopes to pursue singing professionally even though the industry is extremely competitive and tough. If she doesn’t have a career in music, she plans to go to medical school after college to become a pediatrician. Ever since Thompson was little she also has wanted to be a doctor and says she would absolutely love getting to work with little kids every day.

¨Being a performing artist is my dream and I am going to try my hardest to make that come true.¨

Thompson at her American Idol themed birthday party