Varsity Football Closes Season with Two Wins


Anna Belculfine, Editor-in-Chief

The Varsity football team obtained its first two wins of their fall season, beating Belchertown High School 33-8 on Oct 20 and repeating with a win on Oct 27 against Drury High School with a score of 34-8.

¨We have a strong bond within the team that like no other,¨ says junior Phil Nguyen. ¨Nobody gets cut so you could be a starter one week and benched the next if you don’t work hard enough.¨

Senior Christopher Clarke scored one touchdown against Belchertown, and senior Tod Holloway Jr and freshman Jamonte Becket scored two touchdowns each. Freshman kicker Nolan Ayers scored 3 extra points.

Nguyen and Beckett both scored one touchdown each against Drury. Holloway made a total of three touchdowns, and Ayers scored 4 extra points.

Having a lot of younger players on the team is a challenge because they are still getting used to the transition from middle school to high school football. Nguyen added that the team easily overcame this because all of the kids toughened up during the season and weren’t afraid to hit.

¨I feel like we are on the right path after these two wins and our future in the organization is bright from the young talent we have,¨ says senior Joe Banas.