Sophomores take the lead for Spirit Week


Lauren Dutton , Sport Editor

Spirit Week kicked off on Monday, Oct. 16,  with the theme “‘Merica Monday” and the sophomore class pulled an upset, taking the lead in points with 67 percent of their class participating.

“I’m surprised our grade came through and overcame the rest of the grades with our class spirit,¨ said sophomore Nico Placzek. “Hopefully we can keep it up the rest of the week.¨

Sophomore Amelia Valadas agreed with Placzek, saying that the Class of 2020 needed a win to motivate them and that it was a great way to start the spirit week. Many sophomores said that they were particularly happy to beat the freshman class.

The freshman class shocked the upperclassman with 64 percent donning red, white, and blue for the contest, coming in second place. Seniors came in third, with juniors trailing in last.

“This makes me feel better to be a freshman,” said freshman Eslen Kuruca.

The juniors and seniors were dismayed by their poor showing. “It’s kind of annoying that our class doesn’t participate in Spirit Week,” said senior Julia Parent. “I hope we win today but I don’t think we will. But it is our senior year so you never know.”

Parent wasn’t the only senior who was annoyed by the third place finish.

“It was ridiculous that we lost to underclassmen and we need to step our game up,” said Kyle Zucco.

Many juniors expressed disappointment and irritation with their last place finish.

“I think we had really good participation, but this spirit week is going to be a lot more competitive than those in the past,” said junior Harmony Picard. ¨We need way more people to have class spirit and if that happens then we would have a good chance of winning and an even better chance of having an exciting junior year. ¨

Today students will sport flannel attire.