Hockey team honors teammate’s father


Felicia Robare

The Ludlow Boys Varsity Hockey team taped their sticks blue to raise awareness of testicular cancer at their game on Wednesday Jan. 11 at Amelia Ice Rink against Westfield.

Sophomore goalie Mike Young’s father was recently diagnosed with cancer and the boys all agreed it would be thoughtful and courteous to support the goalie’s father.

“It is very thoughtful and shows how amazingly good these boys are,” says Mike’s mother, Jeanne.

So far Dave Young has gone through one cycle of chemotherapy out of the scheduled four that he has to complete.

“After these four cycles the cancer will be gone and he will have beaten it. This cancer is aggressive but very treatable. He’s a fighter and his outlook is great,” says Jeanne. “I would recommend that young men check themselves for possible lumps just as women should check for lumps in case of breast cancer.”

According the American Cancer Society, testicular cancer is very rare and can have many different symptoms and forms. Typically tumors develop on the testes. Testicular Cancer usually occurred in younger men at the ages of 16-35.

The hockey team plans to continue to support the Young family by honoring the blue taping of their sticks.

“We are like brothers on this team, when one falls we all fall and together we pick each other up,” says sophomore Captain Max Cocchi. “We will keep doing it in order to support his dad, as well as raise awareness for the cause itself.”

The family appreciated the love and thought that the boys have put in to show their support on the ice.

“I think it was nice that they did it and I’m glad that  they are thinking of my dad and our family,” says Mike.

Although it was a big night in supporting one of their teammates, sadly the boys could not pull off a win against the number one ranked team in the Barry Division with the score of 5-2. Congratulations to Brennan Madru and Max Cocchi on scoring.