A Red Sea of Sophomores Take The Win

Hayley Procon, Staff Writer

With the senior class in the lead for spirit week it was quite a surprise to hear that the sophomore class won Wednesday’s class color day. The class of 2019 finished with an 84 percent showing. It was a tough loss for the senior class, who only finished with 80 percent.

“People actually started caring and realized it wasn’t about being cool it’s about supporting your class,” says sophomore Jade Blake, “It was very unexpected, the juniors looked pretty close to us, but I didn’t expect first.”

The seniors had won both ‘Merica Monday and Twin Tuesday so it was a surprise when the sophomores took the upper hand.

“I did not see anyone winning but the seniors this week,” says senior Zac Douville, “I thought we had this one in the bag but we’re all going to step it up and take the win for the rest of the week.”

Thursday’s theme is Tye Dye and will finish the week off with Maroon Madness.