Seniors “tie” freshmen for points on Tuesday


Felicia Robare and Ben Taylor

Principal Lisa Nemeth announced on Tuesday afternoon that the senior class won “Tie Dye Tuesday” with 67 percent of the class participating.

“I feel pretty good. I think that the freshmen beating us on Monday made us realize that we needed to step it up,” says senior Riley Harrington.

The freshman class followed with 56 percent, juniors 41.9 percent, and the sophomores came in last for the second day in a row with 39 percent.

“I think that now that the seniors won,” says freshman Paige Nemeth, “we will try harder to ensure that we beat them.”

Juniors expressed anger and frustration at their third-place showing.

“I am very frustrated at this disrespectful approach to Spirit Week. I’m mad at the junior class,” says junior Billy Reno, adding that the “freshmen better wait until Deck the Halls, because the junior class is coming in strong for the win.”

Some sophomores said that they don’t want to place last again tomorrow during the Workout Wednesday competition.

“I think that we can do better, and we are going to tomorrow,” says sophomore Jacob Batista.

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