Juniors dominate fall spirit week

Juniors dominate fall spirit week

Jordan Leal, Editor-in-Chief

Juniors at Ludlow High School took first place in this year’s fall Spirit Week. Seniors followed in second, sophomores in third, and freshmen in fourth.

“Like I predicted, the junior class won again demonstrating school spirit unparalleled by any other class in this building,“ said junior class advisor Charles Cangemi.

Spirit week started off with Heritage day. Students were encouraged to come dressed and show off their pride in their culture.

According to Spirit Week organizer, Rebecca Gauvin, seniors took first place with 41% of their class dressed for the occasion. Juniors followed with 34%, sophomores with 25%, and freshmen with 10%.

Students expressed “personal pride” on Tuesday, also known as “dress to impress.” Sophomores dominated with 47% of their class participating; this number almost doubles the seniors 25% and juniors 24%. Second place was awarded to the freshman with 37%

“This was my favorite day of them all,” said Lions Pride advisor Jennifer Prior, who helped organize Spirit Week. “I really enjoyed seeing all of the students look respectable and enhancing their natural beauty by dressing up.”

Tuesday was also the first day that kicked off extra activities and games to help classes earn some extra points.

“Attendance was counted from Sept. 25 through Oct. 2,” said Gauvin. “Juniors won with 81%  of the class in attendance, continued by sophomores with 79%, seniors with 77%, and lastly freshman with 76%.”

Students were asked to come wearing their class colors on Wednesday for “Class Pride” day. Juniors won first place with 82% of their class wearing blue. Sophomores trailed behind with 71% of their class wearing red. Seniors came in third place with 68% of their class wearing yellow, followed by freshman in last place with only 57% of their class wearing green.

“I think a lot of people participated in this event,” said senior Maggie Lau.”Even though our class color of yellow is hard to find, and I think it still brought our class together.”

The extra event for Wednesday took place in the cafeteria with first lunch having one representative from each grade participating in a hula hoop contest. Sophomores came in first place for the event, then seniors, juniors, and freshmen.

Second lunch had a drag racing contest with toy cars. Juniors swept in for the win. Sophomores finished in second. Seniors raced in third followed by the freshman.

“Third lunch had one of the most interesting and relevant events,” said Gauvin. “The students had to create a lion out of play-doh. It was fun to judge and see the different creatures students made. Also, it was Ludlow High School’s 50th anniversary and play-doh was created 50 years ago as well.”

Juniors won the event yet again with the best “lion.” Seniors roared behind in second place, followed by freshman in third. For the first time sophomores came in last place.

Thursday’s dress occasion was “jersey day.” Juniors won first place by .6 of a point with 82.1% of their class dressed in a jersey. Seniors trailed behind with 81.5% of their class dressed for the occasion. Third was awarded to the sophomores with 57% participation, and then freshmen with 50% participation.

“I feel the event for Thursday, the can drive, was the important and valuable,” said Gauvin. “When we dropped all the cans off at the center the women working was practically in tears to see the 761 perishable goods being donated.”

Sophomores won this event with bringing in 249 goods. Juniors came in a close second with 242 items. Seniors came in third by bringing in 217 cans or boxed goods, with freshman falling behind with only bringing in 52 items.

Friday wrapped up spirit week with school pride. Students and faculty were asked to dress in maroon and white.

Seniors won the event with 78.1% of their class showing their school spirit. Juniors came in second with 72.7% of their class participating. Sophomores came in third with 60.7%, and freshmen in last with 39.7%.

“Overall I am very upset with how our class did, “said senior Melissa Wojciciki. “I was really hoping we could pull off first place. I remember when we were younger classmen the seniors always got so into the events. I hope our class can be like that for the next spirit week and remember juniors, it’s on!”