Ludlow High School conducts K9 search

Ludlow High School conducts K9 search

Students’ bags and backpacks line the hallway waiting to be sniffed by police dogs.

Jordan Leal, News Editor

Ludlow High School administrators along with state and local police officers conducted a K9 search on March 14. All students were a part of a “soft lockdown” and  forced to remain inside classrooms after placing bags and backpacks in the hallways for dogs to sniff.

“There were no incidents that caused this search,” said Vice Principal Nancy Kurty. “The police recommend this search to be done several times a year. We have not done one this year so far so we organized it for Wednesday.”

Placing bags in the hallway was a first for Ludlow students. The idea to remove the bags from classrooms came from Chicopee High School according to Kurty. Principal Lisa Nemeth was an administrator at Chicopee High before taking on the principalship at Ludlow.

The canines were brought to parking lot to sniff cars after the bag search.

“I think it was unfair because the belongings in our cars have no effect or interference with our learning inside the school,” said junior Nicole Moore.

According to Kurty, the dogs did “hit” several items within students’ backpacks and vehicles. Administrators will not reveal names of those who possessed illegal items.

These students will face criminal charges depending on their crimes and prior records. The offense will go on their personal record. They will possibly have to pay a fine and do community service.

“The overall reason for these searches is not to get students in trouble,” said Kurty. “We only want to ensure that LHS is a safe and comfortable learning environment for the students.”