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Andrew Lavigne
Andrew Lavigne is a man of fiery action. As resident revolutionary, his work with various activist groups have made him renowned as the 'liberator of humanity'. He can normally be found in the dark corners of the school, ranting and yelling about some form of injustice. However, don't let these inspired words fool you, his distinct taste of listening to classical music while taking a bubble bath is just a testament to the calm and composed inner mentality that lurks below the fist of the rebel. When he is not writing, ranting, or taking such baths, Andrew can usually be seen playing harmonica and singing along to Irish folk music. With such a varied display of human emotion, Andrew Lavigne is not a man you'll meet everyday; with the cunning wit of James Bond mixed with the rage of a hundred Mel Gibsons, his array of words and moods will leave you seductively charmed.

Andrew Lavigne, Photo Editor

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Andrew Lavigne