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Elise Dube, Staff writer

While mostly unnoticed at school because of her quiet, invisible nature, Elise Dube (or just “Dube” to her friends) is a warm and friendly person once she feels comfortable around people. She’s a full introvert, preferring to be alone with books or her writing notebook than be around loud groups of people in busy social situations. When she’s with her friends, Elise opens up a bit more and gets people laughing with her quick quips and unexpected jokes. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing stories, working on her original comics, or watching things on Netflix, with her favorite show of all time being “Community”. She likes all different types of music and often listens to her iPod while she’s writing or drawing. Elise decided to take journalism this year because her love of writing has led many people to suggest that she take up a career in journalism, so she decided to give it a try. While her shyness may make it hard for her to easily go out and talk to people, she hopes that taking journalism will help her overcome the shyness and gradually ease her out of her shell.

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Elise Dube