Advice from the girl next door: How to treat your girl on Valentine’s Day

Alex Francisco, Sports Editor

There are two types of girls on Valentine’s Day. Type A, who absolutely adore Valentine’s Day, and Type B, who claim to hate it.

As the calendar date approaches February 14th, one thing you’ll start to hear a lot of from the mouths of Type B girls, “I hate Valentine’s Day, it’s so stupid.”

Don’t believe these Type B females. They’re lying to you. Girls who are single will say it to justify the fact that they don’t have a boy with whom to spend this day. Girls in a relationship will say it just in case their significant other doesn’t plan anything special for them.

So boys who are dating or talking to a girl, upon making your Valentine’s Day plans this year, my advice to you is to remember one thing: no matter what she says, doing something is better than nothing.

Some will say, “Oh Valentine’s Day is a day for love and showing someone how much you mean to them, not about material things,” or “you should treat your lover like it’s Valentine’s Day everyday.”

Morally, they’re absolutely right. However, treating your girl right all year long won’t save you the headache of arguing over not planning a romantic day on the 14th.

This is because in the mind of a high-school girl, love can’t exist unless it is shown off and displayed for others to witness.

I’m not trying to be shallow, I’m just giving you guys a heads-up. This isn’t necessarily how every girl is, I’m just making an observation. I am a girl and I know how many of us think.

Not only will your girl appreciate being wined and dined and treated like a princess, she also will anticipate showing off what you’re doing for her on Instagram and Twitter to the rest of the world.

Normally, I’m not into the super cheesy things that some girls would find cute or romantic. I’m not into the love stories based on Nicholas Sparks’ novels or doing anything fancy for Valentine’s Day. I’m sure there are many girls like myself, but that doesn’t mean that we’d rather sit around and do nothing.

Last year I was taken out to dinner, ice cream, and a movie on Valentine’s Day. Everything was planned as a surprise for me. Instead of seeing a girly movie that I had no interest in, we saw a Ryan Reynolds action movie. It wasn’t typical of most Valentine’s Day plans, but it was perfect for us as a couple.

It is always a good idea to plan something special, especially if you can find ways to incorporate interests you share or activities you enjoy doing together into your plans rather than going with something typical and boring.

There is nothing wrong with just relaxing with your girlfriend at home watching movies or television on Valentine’s Day. If a girl truly likes you then she will be happy just to be able to spend time with you.

However, all night later on she will be looking at pictures of flower bouquets, chocolates, and candle-lit dinner dates that other girls went on all over her Instagram. She’ll be reading tweets about how her friends boyfriend planned some extravagant date and how they had the best night ever.

The bottom line is, if you like a girl, you should go out of your way for her on Valentine’s Day. If a girl knows you’ve been planning something special then it will make her that much happier. It means a lot to a girl when she knows someone thought about her and wanted to impress her. Give her a night that she won’t be able to wait to tell all her friends about.

When it comes to February 14th, there is no such thing as “corny” and something will always be better than nothing.