Cross Country team runs into success at PVIAC


Darren Peabody, Staff Writer

On your mark

Get set


And they’re off.

Ludlow’s Cross Country had its Pioneer Valley Interscholastic Athletic Conference tournament this past weekend after it was postponed due to inclimate weather. Despite the colder temperatures, the athletes were excited to finally race. The cross country team has trained tirelessly for five months (if they participated in summer training), and their commitment shows. Runners have improved an incredible amount during the season, with some cutting minutes off their times.

The runners were eager to put it all out in their final outing of the season, and they did. The goals of the season were to have all boys race under 25 minutes, and be top 10 at PVIAC. The boys team achieved having every boy under 25 minutes, but unfortunately they came 12th in the team standings.

For the girls, they wanted all runners under 30 minutes and also place top 10. The girls’ team accomplished both of these goals.

Now the team is off to Northfield Mountain for their WMass race. The mountain will be a tough challenge for the runners especially with a temperature of below freezing. Only top 7 runners will be racing but the whole team will be there to support our varsity squad the whole way.

As the season comes to a close, a mention should go to the seniors who sadly are about to conclude their last cross country season; So a special “thank you” and “good luck” goes out to Jacob Batista, Avery Brillo, Brianna Chabot, Brooke Chisholm, Kamryn Kozaczka, Kayla Riordan, Karoline Szmyt, and Misha Wielblad. It’s been a great season and we all wish you well.