Freshman volleyball team “really good at winning”


Ariel Vital, Staff Writer

The  LHS girls freshman volleyball team currently remains undefeated 6-0, and according to first-year coach Corey Monteiro, “the girls are really good at winning.”

This is Monteiro’s first year coaching the girls team. When he saw that Athletic Director Tim Brillo needed a coach, he jumped at the opportunity. “I did it because when I played my senior year I had a lot of fun playing. I helped assistant coach the guys team last year.”

The coach is pleased with the success of the team far. “The captain practice helps the girls a lot,” he said.

“A struggle we might anticipate are serving because some of the girls still can’t serve,” said Monteiro. One of the main challenges for the team is the overall lack of height and “learning to become a team.”

Freshman Avery Leary, who plays front and middle, loves being part of the team. Her goals for the team are to have fun and be positive.

Freshman captain Dyani Reyes, setter, enjoys her role on the team. She “loves being captain” because she makes decisions and she’s the loudest on the team. “The older girls encourage us to do so well helps us out,” said Dyani, adding that the “coach is great and also a friend and funny.”