Girls Basketball looks to fight through

Ben Taylor, Sports Editor

At Ludlow High School, winter sports are in full swing, and some teams have hit their mid-season. Teams are looking to wrap up the season on a strong note.

“The goals for the rest of the season are to win more games,” says senior guard Tasha Kwatowski, “we also need to keep improving and we’ll get better everyday.”

The Girls Basketball team has a 2-12 record on the season. They are 0-3 in conference play. The girls team is out of the playoffs and are focusing on trying to fight through the rest of the season and work on being better for next year.

“Our goals are to just keep getting better and hopefully win some more games.” says senior forward Andrea Jozefczyk. “We all get along and try to make each other better. We always stay positive, even in a tough season like this.”

Seniors on the team will not be able to continue their high school career next year and this season could change their lives.

“This season made me realize that I should appreciate sports that I can’t play in college or later on in my life.” says Jozefczyk.

Ludlow’s defense is very good as the team works together to create turnovers. Their weakness is scoring. Ludlow has trouble scoring and often turns the ball over. This reason is why they are 2-12 because they can play great defense but they can’t capitalize on it.

Ludlow has their next game on Feb. 6 at 7p.m against Westfield High School in Westfield.