Mid-season Winter Sports Review

The Ludlow High School winter sports teams are doing poorly this season. Displayed below is a quick recap of the season for each team so far.

BOYS SWIMMING- The five person team is 1-7. They just gained their first win against Holyoke on January 12th. The size of the team makes it difficult for them to win against teams with more swimmers. “This season has been good so far,” says freshman Adam Dacruz, “Quality beats quantity.”

GIRLS SWIMMING- The girls team is 5-3 and are currently fourth in their division. Senior Andrea Taylor has already qualified for Western Mass in the 100 yard backstroke and the 50, 100, 200, and 500 yard freestyle. “We have done okay so far this season but I hope that we begin picking up the pace and getting further ahead,” says junior Zoe Hill.

GIRLS INDOOR TRACK- This is the first year Indoor track has been offered at LHS, and according to freshman Jade Blake the track team has been doing really well at each of their meets. They have a bunch of people qualifying for Western Mass. “I can’t wait to carry the indoor track season into outdoor,” says Blake.

BOYS INDOOR TRACK-The Boys Winter Track team is having a hard first season with a 1-8. The boys won against Hampshire with a 46 to 33 and have had a few close games with Greenfield and Commerce. Their next game is against South Hadley and Pope Francis at Smith College.

GIRLS BASKETBALL- The LHS girls basketball team is having a rough season with 10 losses and no wins. Their recent game on January 20th they lost to Central 72-8. “We are having fun,” says junior Taylor Masse, “Even though we are losing we are still having a good time.”

BOYS BASKETBALL- Despite the zero wins and nine loses on the boys basketball team this winter season the players continue to work hard to achieve their first win. They have had many close games and they are keeping their hopes up for a win at their next game against Sabis. “We are having fun despite our losses,” says junior Matt Jordan.

HOCKEY- The boys varsity hockey team went into their season with many young players. With a record of 2-8-1, the team is looking to put players in for time and practicing new techniques, such as passing and better assists on scoring a goal. Freshmen Brennan Madru says, “We are going to be strong in the next two to three years. We are still young right now with less experience.”

SKIING- The boys skiing team is currently 6th out of 8 in their division. Junior Zac Douville is one place away from qualifying for Western Mass. “We are having a good time,” says Douville.