AOTW 10/23/15


Felicia Robare, News Editor

This week’s athlete of the week is Junior Kayla Murphy. At last week’s game against West Springfield, Murphy was able to gain a point off her jump serve, receiving an ace. She is the only one on the girls varsity volleyball team who uses a jump serve. Also, being an outside hitter, Murphy gains points when she is set by one of the setters to spike the ball. “Kayla is a very determined player and constantly strives to be her best,” says senior captain Olivia Barbeau. This is Kayla’s second year on varsity and she is grateful to be on the team. “It’s been different adjusting to the season with a new coach, but we managed to do alright, work together, and support each other, ” says Murphy. “I hope to try to leave off the season on a good note for myself and the team, so that I can come back next year and improve to be better.”