Boys track practice starts


Morgan Martins, Staff Writer

Coach Becca Gauvin is excited to announce that boys track and field is starting back up at Ludlow this Spring. It is a great sport to join if you are training for the fall season, or if you just want to get out and get active.

Last year, the boys finished with a score of 4-2, with Nick Walczak, David Emberley, and Brian Pacheco leading the team.

For track and field, there are no tryouts and no cuts. “We have 17 events to fill with a minimum of 3 competitors in each of those events. The last two years we graduated a lot of distance runners and throwers. If you feel you could excel in those areas there is lots of room for you to join this year,” says coach Gauvin

Gauvin is looking for hard working freshman, or newcomers, who are mentally tough and willing to try new events and push out of their comfort zones.

The biggest challenge for the team is going to be number of competitors when it comes to distance and hurdles. Plus, strengths are dependent on what people did in the preseason.  “We have so many athletes with incredible potential we will have to see in a couple of weeks!” says Gauvin.