Lady lions fight their way to Western Mass

Lindsey Paradis, Editor in Chief

The Ludlow Lady Lions girls soccer team started the season confidently, beating Minnechaug their first game. The fact that they lost super seven athletes Kaycee Pereira and Kara Yelinek didn’t seem to discourage them.
Yet, as the season progressed they were faced with multiple losses, many injuries, and two red cards. With an overall record of 10-8 and 4-3 in their division.
“It’s been inconsistent without question. This is one of my favorite teams to coach– great attitude, great work ethic, but we’ve been inconsistent. The record shows that,” says Coach Katie Marino about their season so far.
It is this inconsistency she claims to be the team’s biggest weakness.
“We’ll play really, really well for five minutes then fall flat for 10,” says Marino.
Senior captain Jessica Pashko has a similar view.“The only weakness we have is that sometimes we don’t start a game with intensity and get caught off guard. When we start to play as individuals and aren’t “connected” between the positions,” she says.
Another setback this year’s girls soccer team faced is a plague of injuries.
“This team is so unlucky when it comes to the amount of injuries we’ve had. At one point in the season, at least six people were out at once leaving us three subs. Two people need surgery, myself and Justine, and one needs a walking boot, Kailah Papuga,” says Pashko.
To counteract the weaknesses and setbacks the team has faced, Marino says that this year’s defense is is a definite asset and strength the team possesses.
Pashko contributes, “we have great shots, defense, a controlling midfield, and quick offenders and outside mids. We do well when everyone is on their game.”
Despite having a rough few games the Lady Lion’s made their way to the tournament, winning their last game against Minnechaug to qualify.
In their first tournament game, the girls crushed Renaissance with a huge 7-0 win. Unfortunately, this blowout was followed by a 2-0 loss against Minnechaug which would eliminate the Lady Lions from a chance of capturing the Western Massachusetts title
“I don’t even want to think about the season ending. When you’re having so much fun with your team, you don’t even realize where the time’s went,” says Pashko.