Connie the Living?

Brielle Hamel, Guest Writer

“Yo, Maddie is falling over herself she’s so drunk right now,” some guy at the party yells to one of his friends. “Hey, Maddie, wearing your signature red lipstick I see; ready for a fun night? Why don’t you come with us?” Before she makes it to the car, her best friend Raven comes running. “Hey, sorry to ruin your fun, but she’s coming with me.” To Maddie, “Let’s go, hun, I’ll take you home.” Maddie stumbles to the car. Maddie stares out the window as they drive through the dark in the rain. As they turn onto her street, she sees a little girl, sitting on the curb, just staring straight ahead. She was wearing a pink polka dot dress but her hair was all knotted, like a bird’s nest. Maddie comes back to reality and vomits all over her sparkly pink tube top. Raven stops the car, “Here we go, take a shower before you pass out tonight.” Maddie slurs, “Thanks for the ride, night Raven.” As Maddie fumbles with the keys, Raven shouts, “Don’t slip in the shower!” They both laugh together as Maddie unlocks the door and disappears inside the house. Maddie slowly takes off her puke soaked clothes and gets into the shower. As she washes her hair, she hears a clank come from the kitchen. She rinses her hair, shuts off the water, and puts on a robe. She then locks the bathroom door. “I see you,” a creepy soft voice comes from behind. She whips around but there is nobody there. “I see you.” She hears it again. Maddie backs into the corner and hears the voice repeating  “I see you”  from the shower drain. She believes it’s just in her head but cannot get that little girl from the curb out of her mind. That night, Maddie dreamt about the little girl. 

“Hi, my name’s Connie, what’s yours?”

“Ummm Maddie, why are you out here in the rain all by yourself?” 

“Oh, my mommy and daddy told me the dark man was going to take us away after our car ran into the pond but he forgot me.” 

“You guys drowned?” 

“What does that mean…”

Maddie woke up, breathing heavy. The clock read 3:00 am. Maddie thought to herself, “The little girl on the curb is dead. She drowned. How is she sitting outside?” Maddie ran to the window and there she was, the little girl, still sitting on the curb. She grabbed a jacket and an umbrella to go talk to this girl who she believed was Connie. As she ran down the steps, she looked over; she was gone. Maddie stood out in the pouring rain, at 3:00 am, alone. She turned around and started making her way back to the door; it was open. Slowly, she made her way into the house, locking the door behind her and going back up to her room. “I see you.” There she was, the little girl, sitting on Maddie’s bed. Maddie questioned if this was real or another dream and pinched herself. “Connie?”, she asked the little girl. All of a sudden, as if she awakened something, Connie began to change, into Maddie herself. “I want to kill,” Connie lunches at Maddie and knocks her against the mirror. Maddie falls to the ground, motionless. Connie puts Maddie in the closet, grabs a knife, and vanishes into the night. In the midst of the dark, she killed several people as Maddie. A man closing up a restaurant began walking home. Connie, standing behind him, slit his throat and placed red “X” on his forehead in red lipstick. She makes her way around until dawn, killing anyone in sight and leaving the red “X” as her signature. 

In the morning, Maddie slowly awakens to find herself in the closet, a huge bump on her head. She had eight missed calls from Raven and a voicemail. 

“Maddie! What’s going on?! You’re all over the news, caught on video killing a guy and they say you killed six more! What are you doing?! Call me back.” Maddie tried to call Raven and explain but she didn’t listen and told Maddie not to talk to her again. Her DNA was found all over the lipstick that was on the victims foreheads. She looks out the window and sees Connie, back to normal, leading a group of people who all are holding knives, guns, and other weapons. They were all there for revenge. Maddie knew this was it for her. She didn’t even do it but she knew there was no way out. She jumped into bed and braced herself for what was to come. “I see you,” came from under the bed. Connie was there, in her room, under her bed. A hand shot up from under the bed, gripping at the sheets and pulling itself up. An alien like creature, drooling, with long sharp nails and teeth rose from under the bed. It hovered over Maddie and opened its mouth, revealing many rows of teeth. Tilting its head, it then ripped off one of Maddie’s arms. Maddie screamed as it ripped off her other arm. And lastly, Connie turned her hand into a spearhead and pierced it right through Maddie’s chest. When everyone made it to her room, she was already dead. 

Raven woke up, screaming. “That was a crazy dream, I thought Maddie was dead.” She texted Maddie about the dream she had but she didn’t answer. Raven turned on the television, and there was Maddie, the words on the bottom of the screen read, “Girl found dead this morning. Cannot be explained. What happened to her?” Raven’s eyes got big and she sat there in disbelief. It really happened, her dream came to life.